How To Make It Big In The Film Industry

The Film Industry… Hollywood… Bollywood… Dreams that are made in technicolor… Celluloid dreams…

Many young students aim to enter the glamorous & creative world of Films. But unlike other industries that have a more set path to break into; the Film Industry is, perhaps, a little more mysterious. So what does one do, to ensure a place in the magnetic world of Cinema?

  1. Solid Background, Fundamentals: Film Making is both, an art and a science. While there is no hard and fast rule about being academically qualified in the Film line, there is immense amount of learning, both practical and theoretical, that one needs for solid grounding in the different fundamentals of Film Making, such as Script, Direction, Cinematography, Production and so on. Getting that firm base lays a foundation that proves invaluable.

  2. Assist a Mentor: If one is willing to work hard for a modest salary, it is not difficult to get a job under the wing of a well-known industry person. If you want to be a Director, try to get a job as an Assistant Director under a Director you admire. It is the same when it comes to Cinematography & Script Writing. The years you will spend under that person will not only hone your skills, but also put you in an excellent position to ultimately get a chance to make your own Film. This trend is popular these days. People who have worked under Directors & Producers long term, are then rewarded with a chance to make their own Films.

  3. Be Stubborn & Thick-Skinned: The Film Industry is not a sure shot one. It can be a bit like gambling. One also deals with people, who have very large egos. People, who will sometimes be nasty and try and get you down. A must do is to stay focused. Don’t take anything negative to heart. Be thick-skinned.

  4. Hard Work & Persistence: At the end of the day, there is no substitute for hard work. You may not feel it at the time, but people are watching, people are noticing, and important people, remember a hard worker. And ultimately, that hard work, is rewarded.

  5. Network: And finally, like in any other industry, but perhaps more so in the Film Industry, build your network. How does one do that? Well, be open & friendly to begin with. When you get your first job, even as a Production Assistant, be genuine and try to befriend as many people as possible. And never talk behind peoples’ backs. Be diplomatic. It is a smaller industry than you would think. What goes around comes back. The more contacts you cultivate and keep up, the better. People, no matter how high up and famous, always remember a polite and pleasing personality.

It is not an impossibility; and it is no mean feat either. The Film Industry, with a certain amount of persistence, can be broken into. A firm understanding and background of the craft really elevates one’s chances and one’s self-confidence. Once you have that quality Film education in the bag, there is no stopping you!

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