Guest Lecture with Mr.Satyajit Bhatkal

Mr.Satyajit BhatkalOn 7th may 2013, DA students had a face to face interaction with popular television show ‘Satyamev Jayate’s Creative Director and Producer Satyajit Bhatkal. He was part of the core production in ‘Lagaan’ (2002), and made a documentary on Lagaan’s Making called ‘Chale Chalo’.

As most students were eager to ask about ‘Satyamev Jayate’, he gave some snippet views on how he approached Aamir Khan and the problems he faced while preparing for shoot. His major challenge was to manage the whole show . Mr. Bhatkal said, one should never see something as a problem. Any crisis, or conflict, on or off the set should always be taken as a challenge.

About Satyamev Jayate, he said ‘I knew Aamir had been searching for some different approach to television because he was the only star who never had its own show on TV. Unlike his contemporaries, he did not want to be part of some entertainment series or quiz show. He wanted to do something informative, something carrying a social message to the audience. As Mr.Bhatkal presented the concept to Aamir, he grabbed the chance.

DA students with Mr.Satyajit BhatkalNormally in TV, the show flow is made first  and then the presentation. But in Satyamev Jayate, the team consisted of smaller, independent sub-teams, working under unit Directors.  These teams roamed through India to capture different issues, and made connections with all those who faced struggled and problems in their lives. Team members made those people comfortable to talk with them without knowing that this is for a TV show. In this regard, Mr. Bhatkal said, if one wants to be a filmmaker then one has to surrender oneself for those who s/he is capturing to make them comfortable in a way that they will freely share their stories.

As a challenge taker, Mr Bhatkal’s biggest challenge so far was to make ‘Zokkomon’, a  movie with Disney. He was not to compromise with the casting. It is not only about the actor, but the technical crew also.  He said, not to try to balance two boats. You will lose your real motto for your work and you will get distracted. So always make your relation clear with everybody on set or off set. With your actor you have to connect and tell them that the elements of surprise in their acting.  It would be easy for them, then, to get things right.

In conclusion, Mr. Bhatkal said the most important thing is to ‘Ask yourself why you want to become a Director. If you have any of your stories, that you’re dying to tell your audiences, then only go for Direction. Only then you become a good Director with a clear vision to achieve your aim.’

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