A Rewarding Journey

Digital Academy – The Film School was founded as a result of a dream – to provide world class Film education in India. Since our humble beginnings in 2002, the journey we have undertaken and the standards we have achieved are a matter of immense pride for everyone associated with DA, its students and its management & faculty. I would like to share some details about our exciting journey so far. 

We began our journey with a handful of students, who we proudly call friends and associates. Our mission was never to churn out mere technicians, but to equip an individual to think beyond the ordinary. After all, creativity cannot be restricted within parameters. Our courses are structured to give hands-on training as well as an in-depth knowledge of the cinematic spectrum. Our strength lies in the fact that we conduct quality short-term courses, a feat that remains unparalleled in the industry. 

Over time, we have constantly reached higher to better our standards, to improve infrastructure and facilities, to broaden our curriculum and to have the best of the best to teach at DA. Today we use cutting edge technology, like Professional DV, HDV, Sony DSR 450, Sony D55, Beta, Red, 16 mm and 35 mm Arriflex cameras, Beta Recorders, FCP and more We also use both Protools and Nuendo recording suite using Yamaha DM1000 Digital Audio Workstation and also have a state of the art 5.1 surround studio among others.

Our student teacher ratio is an average of 1:12, which is remarkable as it gives you room for interaction with your instructors on a personal level and regular basis. Add to that, students coming in from all over India as well as globally from countries, such as New Zealand, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Korea, Spain, Holland, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Morocco, Sweden, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Nepal, Cameroon and Nigeria, to name a few. The academy provides a diverse and multicultural learning environment.

Our Faculty, both from India and abroad, comprises of some of the most respected and experienced professional across the Industry. Many of them have won National Awards ( Including the Silver Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2009 for the best short).

We firmly believe in going the extra mile for all our students and hence placements are an integral part of our program. Our well-placed network has enabled us to set our students in ace Film and Television production houses. And it is pure pride that we feel on seeing them succeed. Ours has been an exciting and rewarding journey that continues to scale new heights. And we would love for any of you, who are passionate about Films, to come take this journey with us. 


Kartikeya Talreja – Director

Director Speak – Realizing Cinematic Dreams

 Cinema is a visual art form that has captured the collective imagination of people across all stratas of society. Be it as a medium that entertains or a forum to deliberate on society’s issues, to the viewer and the budding Film-maker & technician, the allure of Cinema has always been immense. In India especially, this fascination is a national obsession. From the average person on the street to people living in palatial homes, Cinema is all-embracing and all-encompassing. We have a rich history and heritage in Cinema, with Indian Film Industry being the largest in the world, by numbers and also because of the global interest in our Films and culture. 

Art imitates life and life mimics art. And in Cinema, this is truer than anywhere else. But while we have a rich tapestry of Cinema, what we did not possess is a platform to teach the art & science of Cinema. The nuances of Film-making that are on par with a global standard and sensibility. And it is this realization, coupled with a burning need to provide the millions of aspiring young Film-makers, artists and technicians a chance to learn the craft at a world class level, that led to the formation of Digital Academy – The Film School. 

Our Film school is a sprawling 40,000 sq ft one-stop shop for your next ‘Big Picture’. Right from conceptualization to digitization, we house all the facilities under one roof. Backed with new age equipment and age-old experience, Digital Academy – The Film School is the place to be. With an impressive faculty, both in-house and guest, the expertise of Film-making is rendered through a balanced curriculum over classroom instructions, periodic practicals and intensive workshops. 

At DA, it is our constant endeavor to produce free-thinking creative individuals, with a unique Film sensibility, rather than mere technicians. And this is something we strive towards relentlessly; to give India and the world the best creative force there can be in the world of Moving images .

The DA experience will change the way you view Films and the way you view the world. We welcome you to our proud institution and are eager to transform your lives to make you the best possible Film-makers you can be.


Kartikeya Talreja – Director

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